Turkey Alternatives For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving can be a stressful time, especially if you’re in charge of cooking! With a house full of relatives, all with different dietary requirements, not everyone is going to want the classic turkey you spent half a day giving TLC to. To lend you a much needed hand, we’ve found three of the best thanksgiving recipes without turkey for you to try this holiday season.
1. Sausage-Stuffed Butternut Squash: The first is for meat-lovers who just don’t like poultry. By mixing sausage meat with couscous to bulk and a selection of any vegetables you desire (our favourites are leek for this recipe!), you can stuff butternut squashes to create a new autumnal favourite for the whole family. The best bit? It’s easy to prepare way in advance and finish the cooking off closer to serving, making it ideal for the busy Thanksgiving cook.
2. Sweet Potato, Red Onion & Fontina Tart: This one is ideal for the vegetarian guests still looking for a seasonal delight for their Thanksgiving feast. Mixing the striking sweetness of the potatoes and caramelised red onion with the sharp tang of the Italian fontina cheese, this will certainly show any herbivores you thought long and hard about cooking them a pleasing, original, and tasty dish.
3. Thanksgiving Salmon: Salmon is a great alternative for pescatarians. Simple to cook, and with a versatile flavour, try adding cranberry sauce, lemon juice, mustard, and a small pinch of parsley to give this fishy favourite a seasonal twist.
There are many other fantastic turkey free recipes out there, so if these tickle your fancy but don’t hit the mark we’re sure you’ll find great dishes to try out this Thanksgiving!